Hunnie Bingo Review

More infos about online bingo cards

Bingo cards, as the name implies, are the cards that are used to play bingo in US and over the pond ñ US bingo style and UK Housie style.

The layout of US Bingo cards is 5◊5 squares and the numbers vary from one to seventy five. There are five columns, each called B, I, N, G, O. Column B includes the numbers 1-15, column I includes 16-30, N ñ 31-45, G includes 46-60, O includes 61-75.

The UK Bingo cards has got nine columns and three rows. Each row contains five already filled out cells and four empty and each column may contain one, two or three filled out cells. In the first column there are the numbers from one to nine, in second- from ten till nineteen and in the last from eighty till ninety.

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There are two types of bingo cards on the Internet today: printable bingo cards and bingo cards online. The printable bingo cards are very convenient ñ every time you get together with your friends to play a game or two, all you have to do is get ot a bingo site that offers bingo cards online and print out as many as you need for your game. While the game is going on, the players mark off the called number with a pen or pencil. It is also possible to create bingo cards free for home using. Another fun option is to create your own bingo game by adding the 25 words or numbers into the online form and they will be randomly allocated on your cards. To create bingo cards free you donít even have to register ñ ao what are you still waiting for?